How I started Muay Thai?

I was mad at myself and my life. Actually, I was mad because I had been betrayed by my friend. Well, that’s life. So basically, I wanted to hurt myself, but I stopped resorting to harmful methods. I wanted to channel my anger and feel the pain, but I also desired positive growth from it.

So I started searching for something I could punch because my mind was consumed by the thought of a punching bag. I looked for martial art gyms and decided on Muay Thai. Firstly, I have a deep admiration for Thailand, from their language and culture to their food and everything in between. Secondly, I wanted to utilize every part of my body, making Muay Thai the perfect choice. If people ask me why not MMA, which also involves using the whole body, my answer is simple: I’m not fond of grappling.

I started on Monday, 27/12/2021, at MK Fight Zone Muay Thai PJ, as it is the closest Muay Thai gym to me. As a beginner, the routine was quite easy, consisting of skipping and jogging. They also taught me how to properly wrap my hands to protect my wrists and knuckles. I opted for the group class to familiarize myself with the environment and learn more about Muay Thai. The coaches taught various combinations, drills, and rounds on the pads, and we applied the combinations they taught us on the heavy bag. It was a fantastic experience that challenged both my stamina and limits.

Then I took a break for a year. In 2022, I rarely went to Muay Thai because I was focused on job hunting and couldn’t commit to regular training. I needed to prioritize survival first. However, in August 2023, I decided to start again, essentially starting from the basics, although I still had some foundational knowledge.

So, I have set a goal for this year, 2024, to make it my fight year. I am eager to participate in as many fights as possible, but I haven’t had the chance to debut yet. My coach has given me additional training routines, and I have diligently followed them. I can feel my stamina increasing, which is a positive sign. However, I trust that my coach knows better when it comes to determining my readiness for a fight. So, I patiently wait for his guidance on whether I am ready to step into the ring or not.

For now, I will focus on training to stay fit and prepare myself until I get the opportunity to make my debut.

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