What If I Say You Can Turn Your Idea to a Website?

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Have you ever wonder that you have a small idea and you thought about turning your idea to a website, but at the same time you thought that your idea is “nonsense?”

Don’t worry, to build a website, all idea are matter even it is small.

I list all ideas for a website below. Who knows, your idea are listed.

  1. Personal website – This one is truly for anyone. Tell your personal story, showcase your latest projects, sell homemade crafts and goods, highlight your professional experience, or simply build your presence on the web.
  2. Business websiteAll business need a website either it’s small or big business. Create your business website and promote it to all social media.
  3. How-To-Do-Something website – Show every one how to do about every thing.
  4. Review website – Dedicate your website to reviewing certain items or products even if you don’t sell the products themselves.
  5. Adventure blog – Document all your adventures of hot air ballooning, sky-diving, surfing and any activities you do.
  6. Niche website – Choose a focused topic and only write about that everyday. This is what this site is!
  7. Portfolio website – Having a portfolio website is a great way to showcase your visual work. A beautiful online portfolio will help you gain professional opportunities.
  8. Game Development website – If you like a game or a game developer yourself, you should consider making a website and blog about your game and the development process.
  9. Painting / Art website – Sell your painting or art on your website, either physical painting or digital painting.
  10. Frugal website – How to save money as a college student, single mom or just show others how you can get rich by not buying anything.
  11. Time-lapse drawing website – Video time-lapse of you drawing a character then you can sell your artwork in the same website.
  12. Video Game website – Are you a gamer and love to let other people watch you play? Upload videos of your screen while you play your favorite game and gather a follower on your YouTube / website.
  13. Dream Interpretation website – Create a site and let others submit their dreams, so that you can interpret them.
  14. Dance website – For dancers, this can act as a kind of resume you can use to put your work on display and supplement your auditions. For dance companies, a website is a great place to display your performance calendar, sell tickets online, and provide more details about your organization.
  15. Ask A Question blog – Allow people to ask you anything, and answer them back.
  16. Weight Loss blog – Document yourself losing weight and record everything that you do.
  17. Scrap booking website – Show off your scrap booking skills on your own blog and teach others how to do the same!
  18. Wedding website – Serve as a useful platform for managing your wedding calendar and RSVPs, and supplying your guests with details about locations and dates. Also can serve as an online photo album that your guests can enjoy.
  19. Spin Online class – Where you encourage others to spin with you while they watch your pre-recorded videos!
  20. “Best of” website – Write about the best of everything.
  21. Playing Cards Collection site – Dedicate a website on buying, selling and trading your favorite cards.
  22. Career Guides – Be a guru and teach others how to be a professional in a field. Hint: Sell an eBook.
  23. Education website – Whether you’re a kindergarten, university, middle school, or high school, having a website for your establishment is a good idea.
  24. Infographic website – Create a unique and useful digital infographs and post as a blog post.
  25. Singing Lessons website – Setup a singing your heart out website and offer singing lessons to others.
  26. Polls and Surveys website – Create a site with surveys and polls to learn about others.
  27. Cheat Sheet blog – Teach people how to pass something.
  28. Walk with Me website – Start a Walk with me site where you log your walking routes, and ask others to do the same.
  29. Product and Services Comparison site – Talk about and compare two similar products or services.
  30. Resource List site – Create a site full of resources to other things. Gain massive traffic and rank high in search engines.
  31. Origami website – Where you show step-by-step photos of your process. Sell an eBook on Origami making!
  32. Company History site – Talk about the history of companies and how they came to be. Suitable for people who likes history.
  33. Troubleshooting site – Pick a subject and become an expert at that, helping others trouble shoot their issues.
  34. Fashion website – Write about popular fashion styles and tips, and upload videos showing it off.
  35. MMA forum – Create a forum about MMA and invite friends to join in on the conversation.
  36. Poetry website – Showcase your poems, essays, or stories. Or compile your favorite poem.
  37. Music website – Help you promote your music online and reach new fans. Also serve as a great portfolio when seeking out gigs.
  38. Donation website – Make up an interesting story and ask people to donate.
  39. Experimental site – Create a website where you use yourself as a human experiment, and then document it all.
  40. MLM website – Become an MLM guru and recruit others online, via marketing funnel.
  41. Play The Guitar site – Make videos and teach others how to play the guitar.
  42. Get Rich Quick site – Where you try to get money from people.
  43. Stamp collecting website – Show off images of old and antique stamps.
  44. What Would You Do website – Where you create hypothetical situations and ask readers, what would they do?
  45. Roadkill site – Take pics of roadkill and upload them to your site. People will love it or hate it.
  46. Celebrity site – Dedicate a blog on a certain celebrity and stalk them online. Follow their every move and blog about it.
  47. Politics website – Create a site on your political views.
  48. Zorbing website – Teach others the art of zorbing and upload funny videos.
  49. You Deserve It website – Create a site where others can tell stories about getting revenge.
  50. Retro website – Create a retro site with scrolling marquees, snowflakes falling and mouse trails.
  51. Food website – You love to cook at home? Or maybe you just love to eat and document your culinary excursions. Either way, you can create a website dedicated to food. Create a food blog to share recipes and other food discoveries with your readers.
  52. New Ideas blog – About creative ideas that others can suggest and comment.
  53. Learn a Foreign Language website – Learn how to speak a new language and write about it! Show others your struggles, what helps you and your learning process.
  54. Self-Help website – Focus on self-improvement, mindfulness, confidence building, or anything in between.
  55. Top 100 blog – Create a blog dedicated to the top 100 of a certain subject(s).
  56. Please Don’t Hack My Site blog – Create a site asking hackers to not hack it.
  57. Fishing site – Tips and tricks on how to fish in your area, and upload viral videos of you fishing.
  58. Save The World blog – Write about saving the world and world peace.
  59. Catfish blog – Pretend you’re a young attractive lady but then when some guy comes to meet you, you’re actually an older mom.
  60. Animals website – Whether you opt for photos of dogs, cats, sloths, or red pandas, you’re sure to melt the hearts of users.
  61. Compilation blog – Create a site that compiles everything of a certain niche. It could be videos, photos and sound clips.
  62. Long-Distance site – Tips and tricks on keeping a relationship fresh even at long distances.
  63. Hiking blog – Capture the excitement of hiking and back-packing in a non-edited video blog, while you’re on the go!
  64. Hash Tag website – Create a site where you make everything a hashtag, and probably get Penguined by Google.
  65. Meme site – Collect images of memes and post it on your blog.
  66. Dating Tips website – Give tips on dating and how to meet people online and in the real world!
  67. Online Marketing blog – Make a site and teach others to be successful with internet marketing. You probably want to be successful yourself, first.
  68. FanFiction blog – Write made-up stories of your favorite movies and books.
  69. Paint-balling website – Put a Go-Pro on your head and record videos of you paint-balling. Upload to YouTube and embed on your own website.
  70. Split Personality blog – Write as if you were someone else, and gain a fan base!
  71. Research blog – Do major research on a certain subject and go in depth on the situation.
  72. Am I Cute blog – Post pics of yourself and ask people to rate you.
  73. White Water Rafting Photo Album – Create a fun picture blog on your white water adventure rafting and create a Facebook fanpage.
  74. It’s a Long Story blog – Write a novel and post it as a series or chapters in your personal blog.
  75. Photo Bombing blog – Take pics of you photo bombing and blog about it.
  76. Stop Motion blog – Dedicate a blog on stop motion photography, and objects dancing to Gangnam Style.
  77. How to Gain Weight – A reverse site about gaining weight and helping others do the same.
  78. Gold Digger website – Make a site about how to gold dig, and mislead the opposite sex and get rich.
  79. Cake Pop site – Make cake pop designs and sell your cook-book online.
  80. The Ex Page – Dedicate a site on your ex lover, and blog about all the messed up things they’ve done. At your discretion.
  81. Church website – Create a community online for fellow church goers, if they don’t already have a site.
  82. Copycat website – I had to throw this in – copy another website’s idea and make it your own (I don’t mean literally copying content because you will get in trouble for that!).
  83. Dinner-tainment blog – Become a dinner making machine and upload pics on your new creations!
  84. Confessions Forum – Create a forum that allows users to make confessions online, and have others respond.
  85. Highly Debatable website – Create a site that always takes the other side, and play the devil’s advocate.
  86. Color Blind website – A site that tests your color blindness.
  87. Advertisement site – Sell space on your site just to advertise.
  88. Meditation website – Share your tips for achieving inner peace. Include a blog with important insights, advice, and motivation. You can even try offering your own meditation classes.
  89. The Nothing website – Make a site about nothing and just leave it blank.
  90. Choose your destiny blog – Create a blog where you give the reader different paths at the end of each page. A different outcome every time they play and read!
  91. News website – Capture the latest news first, and share with social media sites. Gain traffic and become a journalist on your own.
  92. Star Gazing website – Offer your galactic advice on the stars and universe through photos and a blog.
  93. Quotes website – Compiles quotes from figures in history, literature, science, entertainment, and more. A good quote website can be an excellent resource for bloggers, influencers, and social media marketers.
  94. Family Tree site – Make your family tree and share with your whole family.
  95. Holiday website – Create a site for all the holidays and sell eCards during those seasons.
  96. Long Bow Tips – Make a site dedicated to how to use a long bow, shooting techniques and video tutorials.
  97. Zombie website – All about Zombies; Zombie shows, movies, books and podcasts.
  98. Sports blog – All about your favorite things about sports.
  99. Sports team website – A sports website is an asset to any team, whether it’s a school team, a Little League team, or a neighborhood sports club. Includes a calendar with the time and location of your upcoming games.
  100. Online Web Store – Why not sell something or a service you provide?
  101. Funny Clips website – How about a site with your favorite vine, instagram, YouTube or original funny videos?
  102. eLearning website – If you’re an expert in a particular area and have experience, include a series of videos on any topic of your choice, from academic content to practical life tips.
  103. eCommerce website – Maybe you have handmade items you’re eager to sell, or perhaps you’d like to sell merchandise related to your niche.
  104. Influencer website – Your social media pages aren’t enough to solidify your online presence. Your website can serve as the bridge between your various social media pages.
  105. Nonprofit website – Building a nonprofit website will help you raise awareness about your cause, attract volunteers, and gather donations.
  106. Beauty website – Share beauty tips, ranging from makeup to skin care and hairstyling advice.
  107. Fitness website – Introduce your work and specialty. Include videos of your work, blog posts with expert tips, and an online booking system for your classes.
  108. Counseling website – Highlights your expertise and makes it easier for prospective clients to find you. Include a bookings feature that makes it simple for clients to set up appointments online and that helps you manage your schedule.
  109. Resume website – You can think of a resume website as a kind of in-depth business card that tells the public who you are and what you do.
  110. Nutrition website – Whether you’re a professional nutritionist or simply like to help others improve their dietary choices. Include a blog that covers everything from lifestyle choices to simple, healthy recipes.
  111. Photography website – Include anything from street photography to landscape and wedding photography. It should be highly visual, with your best images front and center on your homepage.
  112. Events website – For occasions like company meetups, music festivals, or neighborhood block parties. Manage your event calendar, update event details, and sell tickets, all on a single platform.
  113. Law firm website – A law firm website is an important part of reaching clients and establishing your trustworthiness and credibility in the field.
  114. Restaurant website – Attract customers by displaying your menu alongside mouthwatering photographs of your food. Include your location, contact details and possibly also the story of your business’s origin.
  115. Digital marketing website – Include advice for a variety of marketing strategies, including SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. For added value, try creating a podcast, vlog, or weekly email newsletter.
  116. Entrepreneurship website – Create an entrepreneurship website with a blog as its main feature. You can write articles about how to become an entrepreneur, helpful time management apps, and more.
  117. Leadership website – Leadership blogs speak to leaders in every field, from business to nonprofit to activism. Potential blog topic ideas include team motivation tips and motivational podcasts.
  118. Freelancing website – Website for those who work solo. Use your website as a portfolio of your work, including details about your services and past projects.
  119. Quizzes website – Personality quizzes are widely popular among young audiences. To build up your site’s content, encourage users to create and post quizzes of their own.
  120. Humor website – Compile a collection of funny GIFs, memes, or tweets that you group by theme. This type of website can be created by anyone who loves a good laugh.
  121. Statistics website – Statistics websites can take advantage of a wide range of content formats. Focus on writing blog posts that contain infographics or charts.
  122. Life hacks website – Life hacks of all sorts: productivity hacks, cooking hacks, Instagram hacks, you name it – are easily shareable and popular on social media.
  123. Buying guide website – Provides recommendations and reviews, with photographs of various products, their pros and cons, and links to where you can buy them.
  124. Design website – Whether you specialize in fashion, interior design, or another field within this realm, having a website serves as a valuable portfolio of your work and boosts your online presence.
  125. Film website – Are you a filmmaker or TV producer? Create a website centered around your film content, and place a favorite clip on your homepage to instantly capture the attention of your site visitors.
  126. Theater website – Not only important for attracting the attention of showgoers, but it also gives potential customers a glimpse into your performance calendar. Use website to take bookings and payments online, making it easier for customers to purchase tickets.
  127. Memorial website – Beautiful and meaningful way to honor someone’s memory. Serve as an online photo album where you can share pictures and touching anecdotes about your loved one.
  128. Community website – Helpful way to update residents about local events. Include features such as an events calendar and forum where residents can post relevant questions and comments.
  129. Tourism website – Should include a calendar, bookings feature, and a bit of information about your background as a guide. Sync your site with your Instagram feed to show users just how much fun people are having on your tours.
  130. Travel website – Including travel photography and blog posts about your experiences from both your past and recent trips is a great way to document your favorite moments and share your travel memories with family and friends.
  131. Real estate website – For real estate agents, having a website is a must.

There are literally a zillion ideas on what website to make. Even the silliest ones, could potentially be a great idea.

So, I guess all of the ideas above, you must be thinking one right? What are you waiting for? Turn your idea to a website now!

Want to turn your idea to a website. CONTACT ME now!

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