I listen to this band every day!

i listen to this band every dayVisions of Atlantis band.
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Hello guys.

In this post, I want to talk about a metal band.

I started listening to metal when I was 24 years old.

When I was a teenager, I tried to listen to them but I think it’s not my taste of music. But when I grew up, metal songs became my all time favorite song. They become my lullaby. Whenever I have free time, I will listen to it.

And the first band I listened to is Visions of Atlantis. I subscribed to Napalm Records on YouTube, and they upload a new music video regularly, and the first band I watch is Visions of Atlantis and I fall in love.

Because once I thought that metal songs are all about screaming, growling and everything about “loud noise” but when I listen to them, that day I learn that there are many genres in metal song.

Who is Visions of Atlantis?

They are a metal band from Austria and founded in 2000. Currently consist of 5 members:

  • Thomas Caser
  • Christian Douscha
  • Herbert Glos
  • Clémentine Delauney
  • Michele Guaitoli

They already have 7 albums which is :

  • Eternal Endless Infinity (2002)
  • Cast Away (2004)
  • Trinity (2007)
  • Delta (2011)
  • Ethera (2013)
  • The Deep & The Dark (2018)
  • Wanderers (2019)

I really like the female vocalist you know. Her voice is soft. Clémentine really eats the studio album because her voice in studio and live are same!

Oh I just want to say she is talented. Aha!

Then I started listening to all of their albums because of Clémentine. Ahaha. Now I’m stuck with this band forever.

My favorite songs from this band are New Dawn, Nothing Last Forever, The Silent Scream…… well actually I can’t choose because I like all their songs. Hahaha.

By the way, you guys should check them out!

Facebook: Visions of Atlantis official

Instagram: Visions of Atlantis

Youtube: Napalm Records

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