7 Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Web Designer & Developer

Working with a freelance web designer to build or maintain your website has many benefits. Because a freelancer usually works alone they are more flexible in a number of ways than a traditional web design company. If you are on the market for a new website or an update to your existing website, there is a good chance that your best option might be to hire a freelancer to do the work.

Advantages Of Hiring A Freelance Web Designer

You will get many advantages of hiring a freelance web designer and developer as I stated below :

Advantage #1 – Cost

Most freelance web designers have fewer overheads because they work from home. Often a freelancer can pass those savings onto their clients and still earn a good income. When you hire a freelancer, you don’t pay for the office of the company, pool table, gym membership or annual vacation.

The only thing a freelancer needs is their laptop, internet connectivity and time to do their job. This reduces their monetary investment and will therefore charge you a lot less than an established company could for the same work.

Advantage #2 – Communication

Usually there will be an account manager in web development companies who passes your information to the developer about the requirements and changes. They will be implemented by the developer, and then advise the account manager. The account manager then passes that information on to you. In the case of freelancers, you can contact them directly to provide them with information about requirements and changes, thus saving considerable time. The key here is to ensure that your freelance candidate responds to your phone calls and emails during the initial phase of the contact.

Advantage #3 – Speed

A web development company follows a traditional Monday to Friday and a schedule of 8 hours a day. A freelancers are setting their own hours, they can work long hours to finish your project on time. A freelancer often tends to work more than 5 days to complete the project as soon as possible. Revisions to the design occur faster when there is only one person doing the coordination. Nevertheless, we should not forget that freelancers are also people need to rest.

Advantage #4 – Dedicated resources

It is certainly not possible for you to be the main client of the web development company you hired. It is quite natural that they can afford to execute more than one project at a given time period, because of the amount of staff they have. Thus, they tend to give more importance or devote more time to huge projects and may consider smaller companies projects less important, even though it is very important to you.

A freelancer tends to work from project to project or has only a handful of projects in hand which means they can concentrate more on your project and thus become a dedicated resource.

Advantage #5 – Pay only for the expertise you need

When you hire a company for web development, you will tend to pay for resources that may not be very important to your project. When you hire a freelancer, you’ll probably only look for the core expertise required for your project and hire accordingly.

Advantage #6 – Good network

Like web development companies, freelancers maintain connections with designers, copywriters and experts in search engine optimization, who also offer their services on a freelance basis. By hiring a freelancer you will still get the entire package necessary to create the best website.

Advantage #7 – Innovative

They have a set of procedures and systems in an established firm, which they follow for every project they receive. They believe in it as a culture of the company, and are not always flexible or open to change. An established firm is programmed to deliver efficiency and consistency but not to be innovative and pleasurable. Which comes from freedom, transparency, and connections that freelancers firmly believe in. Freelancers are constantly to develop and evolve with their diverse experience. They are benevolent to cutting-edge solutions and innovative ideas. The majority of freelancers enjoy their working life and always learn something new.

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