10 Elements That Makes Your Website Great

1. Well Designed

An attractive site, work balances and fantastic layout. The ideal aesthetic highlights the best business material while at the same time engaging customers to remain or come back to the site. How successful your layout will generally be determines how users feel or consider your business and its goods. Although some may still think that a site design merely serves the look, it really plays a major role in your rank of search engine.


2. Clear Description

Anyone who stumbles on your website shouldn’t have to do research to figure out what you’re doing, exactly. That means stating your name clearly and summarizing your products or services right on the homepage.


3. Customer Testimonials

Other honest words help make your products or services more tangible to customers who visit you online. They help your potential clients build confidence in you, especially when you’re new.


4. Fresh, Quality Content

Your website reflects your first impression on a customer for many businesses. You want to give them what they are looking for, and maybe even give them a reason to keep coming back. Fresh content is likewise a goldmine for SEO. By incorporating a regularly updated blog or connecting to your social media feeds, you can keep your content from getting stale.


5. Easy-to-find Contact Information

You wouldn’t want to lose a customer to a competitor just because you made it difficult for them to get in touch with you. Not every online visitor has the patience to click through every page on your website to find the contact information. It is a good practice to include contact details in the footer on every page of the website. You should also be sure to include several ways for them to contact you — all good options are phone, e-mail and a standard contact form.


6. Go Social

Overall news to cat videos has been viewed around the globe due to social networking. Garnering faster and higher amounts of focus and engagement. Whatever industry you’re from, getting your site optimized for social websites would be a fantastic idea. Contain a social sharing plug-in, this assists whatever attempts your organization may need from the general public to reach out to.

10 elements that makes your website great


7. Call To Action

Don’t worry about using an appropriate amount of Call to Action(CTA) through your site. A CTA is to get the persuaded users to stay and participate but not to be won over. A fantastic site, by strategically positioning CTA’s, allows customers to act on whatever you supply. A fantastic site makes an attempt to be gratifying to the eye, so easy for the consumer to browse through, and takes the opportunity to remind the consumer to do whatever they need.


8. Optimized for Mobile

A lot of people start surfing the web on their smartphones. As smartphones advance and become more user friendly when it comes to surfing the web, a lot of traffic will come from mobile phones. Most websites aren’t optimized for mobile work or look good yet. A great way to optimize your mobile website is to be responsive to the website itself. A responsive website transforms the website look and feel according to the device used to view it. You won’t need to worry about creating a separate website to cater for mobile users this way.


9. Search Engine Optimization

If no one can stumble upon it, your website won’t do you as much good. Become familiar with the basics of SEOs to make search engines more accessible. You don’t have to use mysterious, ninja, black SEO hat types to rank well on the search engines. Just ensure your website is correctly coded. That means using the right keywords throughout your text, putting in many links, correctly naming your page titles and URLs and using the magic of images and videos.


10. Navigation

An excellent website allows users to easily browse the information. There is introduced a logical flow of information that will prompt the consumer to go through it until the end. User Experience (UX) could be another word to it. A beautifully designed UX will inspire users to engage further on the site. Moreover, it informs how dedicated you are in ensuring that your trip to your website is a nice one.

Every website must have this elements to make it great. If you need help to build your website and having all of these elements, CONTACT ME now!

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